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My record collection and reviews of each album one at a time! A music lovers thoughts on the songs, packaging, and the stories behind them. Check back for new reviews, all things music, and releases to look out for.

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     My name is A.J. Martin and I’ve been an avid record collector since the beginning of high school. I’m currently a college student in Southern California and started Summer Spins as something to do in my free time. I’ve always enjoyed writing about music and figured this would give me more space than Instagram allows. I wouldn’t consider myself new to vinyl records but I’d also consider myself as part of the resurgence. My collection and setup grew fairly quickly and it now takes up a wall or two.

     Summer Spins is a place to review records from my collection and share new releases coming out that anyone reading might be interested in. I also like to look for reviews on the records themselves, not just the music, which is hard to find sometimes, so I’ll try to fill that niche! Hopefully I can provide some new recommendations or a positive, retrospective view on albums that may have been overlooked or forgotten.

     My music taste is all over the place. I grew up on classic rock by the likes of Styx, The Cars, and Chicago, to name a few. In middle school I got an iPod and loaded it up with a lot of the pop music I’d hear on the radio and TV. Pretty soon after that I began collecting CDs and my taste shifted back to the classics, but not the ones I grew up on. The first albums I started buying were mostly by The Beatles, U2, and Coldplay. I then got deeper and deeper into music and by high school I was focusing on vinyl. The tangibility, large artwork, and ritual of putting on the record is hard to resist. I’ve since spent countless hours organizing my collection, flipping through record bins, and writing about my favorite albums. My music taste somehow landed where it’s at now! I still enjoy bits of everything I ever listened to but tend to gravitate towards indie rock and indie folk.

     The name Summer Spins comes from my cat and listening buddy, Summer!


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– I’m generally not looking to sell, but feel free to make an offer on anything I have that you might be interested in through Discogs and I’ll definitely consider it!
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