They say that rock and roll is a dying facet of music but there’ll always be something to listen to if you know where to look. Fortunately, there are bands like The Howlin’ Souls with classic rock influence proudly affixed to their sleeves. The video for “Free & Young” is a colorful representation of one of the highlights from their recently released, self-titled 2017 EP. The Howlin’ Souls are a blues rock group out of Downtown Manhattan. Singer-songwriter Pete Smith fronts the group, Scott Sepe provides the lead guitar, Nate Lang keeps the band in time on the drums, and Robbie Sokolowsky grooves on the bass. They’ve got the looks and they’ve got the chops, time will tell where their music will take them.

     “Free & Young” is a bluesy rock and roll number that sounds like something that’d come out of a midwestern city, not Manhattan. The howlin’ guitar does its own thing while still making you tap your foot along to the riff. The lyrics are youthful and carefree. With critics and fans alike expecting a grand statement out of music, it’s a refreshing factor that complements the swing of the song perfectly. The video, which can be viewed below, was self-produced within the band, showing another side to their creative knack.

     The Howlin’ Souls clearly play off their influences with the slide guitar, reminiscent of classic bluesmen, combined with the swagger of rock groups like The Rolling Stones, but the passion behind their playing comes through. You should expect to hear their name again.

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