Spoon has been one of my favorite bands for a while now and I jumped at the opportunity to see them live. This was one of the first shows of the year for them and they used the opportunity to preview some of their upcoming album, Hot Thoughts. Based on what I heard even casual Spoon fans should pick up this record. If you’ve never given them a shot before, do it now. With this album Metacritic’s top-rated band of the ’00s might finally get the widespread recognition they deserve. They’re remarkably consistent with their studio output and that consistency transferred incredibly well to the stage.

     Spoon opened the show with the classic sounding, “Do I Have To Talk You Into It”, the first preview of their new record. That led right into the dance-rock influenced title track, “Hot Thoughts”. Other highlights from the new album included the second single, “Can I Sit Next To You”, another fun, catchy track, similar to “Hot Thoughts”, and the passionate “I Ain’t The One”, which opened the encore. The rest of the show consisted of highlights from the rest of their discography. They have enough material to fill several greatest hits so I’m not surprised that they didn’t play everything I wanted to hear. It’s clearly frontman Britt Daniel’s band but they played off each other like they’d been together forever. Even the new touring member, keyboardist and guitarist Gerardo Larios, seemed like an integral part of the band. One of the peaks of the show was Daniel and Alex Fischel trading off punchy guitar chords on “I Turn My Camera On”. I didn’t realize how guitar focused Spoon is until seeing them live either. Every other song would break down into Daniel or Fischel playing furiously through a scuzzy guitar tone with the highlight being “I Saw The Light”, off 2010’s excellent Transference. Each song showcased a slightly different style to Spoon’s versatile sound, from the driving synth line of “Small Stakes” to the keyboard emulated horns of “The Underdog”. My only complaint is that I wish they would’ve played longer. Overall I was really happy to hear some of Hot Thoughts in person before the release and see one of my favorite bands play an incredibly tight show.

     The openers were the Los Angeles based trio, Cherry Glazerr. I’d heard of them but hasn’t listened to anything before seeing them and was pleasantly surprised with their set. They were fun, loud, passionate, and reminiscent of the Riot Grrrl bands of the ’90s. They’re definitely a band I’ll try to keep up with.

     You can pre-order Hot Thoughts from Amazon here or from Matador Records here.